Installing We Make Apps test builds

We Make Apps distribute test builds of apps we develop through service called HockeyApp.

To download the test build of your app, you will have been sent a link to a web page on the HockeyApp website to download the app onto your device. Tapping on the link on your device will open the page in your browser app.

When installing a test app on your device, you may need to go through a few steps to install the app, as it's not coming from the AppStore or Google Play. This document guides you through that process.

Instructions for iPhone users.

Test apps installed on an iOS device, are signed with a special certificate from We Make Apps. To install the app you will need to "trust" We Make Apps as an "Enterprise Developer".

Start by tapping on the link to the test app on your device, this will open the a page from the HockeyApp website in your browser app.

Tap on the 'Install' button.
Tap on 'Install' on the prompt.
The app will download. You might need to swipe through your home screen to find it.
At first, it won't let you open it.
Open your settings app, then tap on 'General'.
Scroll down the 'General' settings, then tap on 'Device Management'.
Tap on the profile for 'We Make Apps Pty Ltd'.
Tap on the button to 'Trust...'.
And yet another confirmation alert, tap 'Trust'.
You did it! You should be able to open the app now.

Instructions for Android users.

To install an app from HockeyApp on an Android device, you first need to make sure you are allowing apps to be installed from 'Unknown Sources', then you just download the app and install it. This document guids you through that process.

Open your 'Settings' app.
Tap on 'Security', you may need to scroll the menu a bit.
Make sure 'Unknown Sources' is switched on. When you switch it on the first time, you'll get a little warning, just accept it.
Now open the link to the test app, you should see a screen like this. Tap 'Download'.
Atp 'OK' to accept the warning.
If you swipe down from the top of the screen, you'll see the download progress.
Once complete, tap on the downloaded file to open it.
If you missed it, you can always find the downloaded using the 'Downloads' app.
Tap 'Install'.
You did it! Tap 'Open' to get started.

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